Sunday, July 20, 2014


I guess it's time for my once-yearly post, isn't it? ;) My last entry indicated I had too many hobbies, so I went ahead and added another one. Rose gardening (organic). This May, I planted 5 roses in our front yard. I don't know why I tend to pick the hardest thing ... always. I pick the hardest thing. I guess I just love a challenge. 
That is a photo of the first rose that bloomed. It's a David Austin rose called Tamora. This particular rose plant has been attacked by all kinds of gross bugs like aphids and sawfly larvae. A lot of the leaves have holes in them now. But I am trying to get over my perfectionism and just let them be what they'll be (I do spray with neem oil sometimes, but with all the rain this season, it gets washed away quickly). It's fun to learn about rose gardening. I can see why so many rose gardeners say it is addicting! It is! I want to buy more and more roses. Not only are they beautiful, but they smell amazing. I learned that my grandma had many roses in her garden. I think I must carry on this tradition. I'm learning that roses are very high maintenance (I seriously check them at least twice a day). They need a lot of water, some fertilizer, some pruning and they need to be checked for bugs and diseases. Next year my roses will be even more beautiful and full. This year they are little runts. :)

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